water inspection Deer Park, Huntington, Commack, NY

Who Offers Water Quality Testing in Deer Park, NY?

Call Asset Home Inspections in Deer Park, NY for a water quality evaluation to make sure your drinking water is at its best!

One of Asset's inspectors is also a former Environmental Consultant and Qualified Environmental Professional, expert with potable water sampling, testing, analysis and results interpretation. This expertise is shared with our inspectors for appropriate water quality sampling and testing.

We also provide full potable water suite analysis for private wells or contamination. Rely on us when you need a water quality evaluation in Deer Park, NY.

Our process

Client concerns for drinking water quality include lead(for older lead mains in New York City) or full potable water suite analysis (for a private well or contamination concerns). Our services entail:

  • Coordination with a preferred listed state-certified laboratory
  • Proper sampling protocols and chain-of-custody
  • Evaluation of results to NYS drinking water standards

Call today to speak with our water quality testing expert.